Blackberry Patch Homestead

Our Homeplace in the Upper Cumberland Plateau of East Tennessee

Starting from Scratch….

Badger Boy at the first place we (crash) landed when we moved to Tennessee. I primarily wanted to start a blog and maybe a subsequent YouTube channel because of the mistakes we made and the unrealistic views we had. We moved from Florida to Tennessee, but we might have moved to Mars...yes, it's that different.

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All the rain has brought out the sunflowers and butterflies. Enjoy!

Icy Cliffs of Death

On our trail back to the house we have a rocky narrow rock outcropping that we have to drive through. Locally, these kinds of rocks are called 'bleed rocks' because they drip water almost all the time. August 2017 is... Continue Reading →

Gravel roads

We are starting to address some of the bare spots on our driveway and roads. We have a good base down now.  Once this is driven on a while an it dries out, we'll start to put the top layer... Continue Reading →

A few pictures

Just a few of the things we have been working on this last week or so.  It's been somewhat soggy, which I don't mind terribly.  The garden needed it, but the rest of my world gets muddy which bums me... Continue Reading →

Fire control

We are starting to address our excess load of wood debris around the home place. We have always been pretty good at keeping thing corralled and in a specific 'dumping' area, but that was a short term solution.  Time to... Continue Reading →

Bear track

So this moseyed by in the last several days. Badger Boy has barked on several occasions, but we could not always identify what was upsetting him. Well, this maybe one of them.  Trying to pin down when/if a black bear/ninja... Continue Reading →

Food plot

We are in process of putting in a food plot for white tail deer. In the future,we may put in a secondary one for turkey, but deer is our main priority.  There is a nice flat area that has been... Continue Reading →

Shopping from your own ‘store’

One of the things that has struck me while living out here in the backcountry is the problem of shopping.  Probably not what you are thinking exactly, so let me offer a different perspective. Yes, it can be difficult.  Getting... Continue Reading →

Newest yarn project

So, on a whim, I purchased a batt of Blue Face Leiscter wool with recycled Sari silk at the Tennessee Handspinners guild meeting a few months ago.  BFL is a long staple wool, around eight inches long. I've always heard... Continue Reading →

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