Blackberry Patch Homestead

Our Homeplace in the Upper Cumberland Plateau of East Tennessee

Starting from Scratch….

Badger Boy at the first place we (crash) landed when we moved to Tennessee. I primarily wanted to start a blog and maybe a subsequent YouTube channel because of the mistakes we made and the unrealistic views we had. We moved from Florida to Tennessee, but we might have moved to Mars...yes, it's that different.

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Combing wool

For those not familiar, this is one way to process wool.  This way produces what's referred to as 'top'.  Think of cream rising to the top.  Combing wool, extracts the best and longest fibers.  When spun, this will create a... Continue Reading →

Busy all day, and get next to nothing done

So when you live way out in boonies, you will have a lot of windshield time.  Driving one hour plus one-way is very common commute time.  That is pretty often the case in urban settings too, just the distance is considerably... Continue Reading →

Water Storage Cubes

We decided to make a purchase of two water cubes.  They can hold about 275 gallons of water, and when full can store 550 gallons of water for us.  They were shockingly inexpensive: $50.00!!  That's why we have two and... Continue Reading →

Fiber eye candy

I finally made it part way down the mountain to Clinton, TN to go to my 'local' yarn shop: Clinch River Yarn Company!!  Wowzers - what a cool place! They had A LOT of yarn!!  A nice place in the... Continue Reading →


I've been reading a book that my Dad gave to me before we moved. It's "The Complete Book of Composting" by J.I. Rodale and Staff, printed around 1967.  Besides being extremely through, it's quite poetic at times.  Here an excerpt:... Continue Reading →

Fleece wash day!

I think I actually 'started' this back in February!  I had two raw fleeces that I had purchased years ago (yes, that long!) and were still packed way.  Since my brown mystery fleece was now completely finished, I needed to... Continue Reading →

Transfer Pump

Since we have a need to move water from one place to another - mainly pumping out the 'scary hole' that collects all that water under the shower - we have purchased a transfer pump.  2077 got it at our... Continue Reading →

Rain brings flooding here

We had A LOT of rain here: Six inches in 48 hours. In a previous post I had talked about the general flooding we had in the county.  We had flooding here at the homeplace too, in the basement and... Continue Reading →


I love how the sun light hits the leaves making them look like green stain glass 'windows.'  The sky here is so blue. Just makes me appreciate the beauty here.

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