Blackberry Patch Homestead

Our Homeplace in the Upper Cumberland Plateau of East Tennessee

Starting from Scratch….

Badger Boy at the first place we (crash) landed when we moved to Tennessee. I primarily wanted to start a blog and maybe a subsequent YouTube channel because of the mistakes we made and the unrealistic views we had. We moved from Florida to Tennessee, but we might have moved to Mars...yes, it's that different.

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Wild Strawberries? Or Dewberries?

We have a few small plants that have sprung up. At first, I thought it was Dewberries, then I thought Strawberries.  Dewberries look a lot like Blackberries, but are a low growing plant similar to Strawberries. These plants were flowering... Continue Reading →

Firewood & fences

We are in a rut of sorts. We are trying to finish up late winter project of firewood and get going on the Spring garden fencing.  Currectly we have seven and a half cords of wood split & stacked. We... Continue Reading →

Pretty sunset

2077 and I were headed home after doing aome volunteer work at our church. This was our light show.  Such a beautiful sky!


Our forecast today 6/8/17 is 52/72, partly cloudy. It's a cool 51 at my house right now. 

Today’s Weather

​​ ​​We received three inches of rain two days ago. We are still drying out & this is what happens in the morning, fog or misty mountains. 

Garden update and Purple Martin house addition 

Such that it is, the garden is 'in'.  The fence is up, but it's not really complete.  We will need to add a small gauge wire on the bottom, like really small chicken wire.  That will help keep more of... Continue Reading →

Pretty Windshield Time

Driving home the other night from work and had this pretty light show to watch as I commuted.

Picking wool with a Pat Green Triple Picker

I'be been slowly working through my white mystery fleece.  It's been going faster than the brown one, but still takes time.  I had a section of the fleece that was particularly dirty and full of vegetable matter (VM).  I took... Continue Reading →

Straw Bale Gardening

I've been working on my garden as best as possible, but considering I am almost growing in sub-soil it's going to be tough.  One thing that was suggested is to grow in straw bales and it will allow the soil... Continue Reading →

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