Blackberry Patch Homestead

Our Homeplace in the Upper Cumberland Plateau of East Tennessee

Firehawk Tool: How to bring back a fire with only coals. Watch this video showcasing a handy tool from Lehman's - a firehawk!

Old Fashioned On Purpose

So this is one of my first opinion blog posts and it all comes from The Prairie Homestead recent article here.  I first recommend that you read Jill Wagner's article, because I'd like to build on that a little bit.  ... Continue Reading →

Chicken Coop From Tractor Supply Company

We have been talking about getting a true farm animal for a while and chickens are the gateway drug to it all! We still have building supplies left over from construction, but often times we don't have enough of exactly... Continue Reading →

Flue Cleaning: DYI

Our chimney pro from the last two years has begged out on coming back to our place. We live in pretty rough terrain and the chimney sweep only has a 2-wheel drive vehicle.  It absolutely kills me that people who... Continue Reading →

Good Bear Hunting

2077 has been attempting to hunt bear for a few years now.  He never had the opportunity to hunt bear since in most places the population wasn't high enough.  About 18 years ago, black bears were reintroduced into the Cumberland... Continue Reading →

Fried Plantains

Ever see those weird looking bananas in the box by the floor at the grocery store and wonder what they are?! Plantains! Here's how to cook them so your whole family will be amazed!

This is Bear Country

One of the reasons we named this place BlackBerry Patch Homeplace, is because of the ABUNDANT blackberries! When you have blackberries, you have bears! One showed up just the other day....sigh. This IS bear country and dealing with them is... Continue Reading →

Laundry Challenges: Tennessee Peanut Butter Mud

Last week 2077 went a few counties over to help a friend put up some fencing. Summer thunderstorms are here and so they often times worked in the rain, which means working in mud! Tennessee mud is special - slick,... Continue Reading →

Handspun Scarf

Whooee! It's it's been a while since I posted!! This is the busy time of year. Days are longer and outside work is abundant, therefore the decrease in postings. I finished my five foot long handspun knitted scarf. I had... Continue Reading →

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