January 28, 2017

So a few months ago I had to purchase drapes – thermal ones.  We hadn’t really had any window coverings and didn’t feel the pressure to get any until the temperatures started to drop.  I purchased the majority of the drapes at Lowes and while unpacking looked at their nice packaging.  Especially the zippers.  The aren’t XYY zippers, but they look good enough to me to try and reuse/upcycle.  IMG_2420The only real issue that I had with the removal was the ends were not pre-sewn like the kinds you buy at the fabric store.  So once I removed the main stitches..IMG_2421I took the zipper head right off! I realized the delicate nature of the non-sewn ends after this – eek!IMG_2423I struggled for a bit to get the head back on the way it came off, then ding! turn it the other way as if I was trying to zip it up!  It went right on.  The remainder of the zippers I left the remainder of the plastic on to act as a stopper.  IMG_2426In about 20 minutes I had 3 zippers all removed.  I only had three because I foolishly threw the other packages out.  Next time I will know it can be done, and as long as I don’t mind looking at the Allen Roth embossed on the toggle, it will be just fine.  My plans for these zippers are to make a muslin bag for some cedar shavings.  A zipper will make for a tidier sachet.