January 31, 2017

So one thing that we have plenty of around here are bugs.  The kind that bite and sting.  The last 1 1/2 days I have been in somewhat of a Benadryl stupor since I was bitten – multiple times – by something.

We have been having a really warm winter this year, which I HAD been loving.  In Jan 2016 we froze, quite literally.  We were working on the house and had limited ability to warm our space.  One of the 1st big jobs was to bleach the wood, which I did….in January.  We had a recorded temp of 32F inside the house one day when I was bleaching.  When you bleach you will get wet.  So I was wet and sweating (because there is somewhat vigorous scrubbing involved), and it was freezing.  At the end of the that day I was probably mildly hypothermic.  A nice hot shower fixed that, but the suck factor was high for that day.  Summer 2016 wasn’t terribly buggy, guessing because it was so cold for so long.  This mild winter has me somewhat concerned about Spring and Summer.

The bites that I have now are unknown: never saw what got me and I didn’t feel the bite/sting.  I have also developed an allergic response to these bites. If these MANY bites aren’t miserable enough, now I have a allergic hive response which seems to travel my whole body/lymph system. This is basically par for the course for me.  I have always struggled with bug bites, allergic responses and the development of cellulitis (infection of the connective tissue just below the skin) for a while now.  Makes homesteading that much harder and reemphasizes the need I have to wear proper clothes (long pants, long sleeves) and bug spray.