So it’s finally here!! My quilted petticoat – yippie!  I have a tendency to wear longer skirts and in the winter time it’s just too cold!  Even with long john pants on underneath.  I learned about a wonderful petticoat from our friends at Ft. Downing Traders who specialize in historical reenactment clothing.  With the skirt and petticoat, I stay plenty warm enough. IMG_2431

It does add a little bit of bulk to the appearance, but that’s part of why it keeps you warm!! This is an old junky skirt I got years ago that I just can’t bear to part with. Part of the reason is that the skirt is very full and allows for full range of motion, and does the petticoat.  I’ve worn this skirt while building and working around the property.


Here’s a close up -all quilted and 100% natural fabric and batting.  NO polyfill!! Please check out Ft. Downing Traders if you’d like a quilted petticoat for yourself!  Waist is drawstring, so pretty much 1 size fits all.