One of my first sewing projects here on the homestead was curtains.  I really had no idea what I wanted as far as style goes, so I kept thinking about it, but not much doing.  So what did I do? I browsed Facebook.  Not for ideas, but mainly as a way of procrastinating.  Then the idea showed up in my feed!  It was an image of Holly Hobby in her patchwork quilt apron and bonnet.  Suddenly, I got a flash of ‘brilliance’.  You know I had an old worn out quilt in serious disrepair that looked an awful lot like that apron Holly was wearing.

Off to my very disorganized craft room and found that quilt that was now shoved in a closet.  Well, sure enough, I think I could make some simple curtains out of this, but what did I want them to look like?  I decided the backing, which looked similar to ticking would be enough for the panels and I could make the patch work quilt front into the valance and tie backs. I had two windows and I estimated, I had just barely enough to pull this off.

First, I needed to repair it.  Though years of abuse, dogs, washings, and moving, many places where the squares were sewn had come apart.  Mainly at the seams and nothing torn across the fabric.  Now I had to separate the quilted front from the back and get rid of the polyfill batting.  Not hard at all with a seam ripper, then I picked out the best pieces and set out to mend them.  It was fairly straight forward, although somewhat time consuming since there were A LOT of mends.

Now that I had intact fabric, I took an old sheet and made a liner for everything and left a rod pocket at the top.  Some simple tension rods and valance rod and I had the bulk of the work done.  After a few days break, I went back to finish off the tie backs, which were just a  simple tube.  I used a piece of decorative tape to hold the tie backs together and a simple hook for that tape to attach to.

Overall a pretty simple and forgiving project.  One thing I might do differently now.  I was in a very large Joann Fabrics and saw in the back they had fabric lining and thermal batting for curtains.  I would go the extra step and put in that thermal batting to help keep heat in and cold out.  The stiching is very simple and at some point in the future I’m sure I can do that.  IMG_2445

Craft room still a mess, and yes that is a mound of wool that I have been spinning.  Probably about 16 more bats.