There are so many GREAT items that Leahman’s non-electric catalog carries!  Over the years we have acquired quite a few items! They are SO well made and utilize ‘old’ technology, yet make my 21st century life much easier!!  

Here is the latest: Koal Keeper and air curculating fan. Finding a coal shovel that will sift out the fine ash, but keep the hot embers has actually been challenging. All of my usual retail haunts don’t have it, but Lehman’s to the recuse! This will make cleaning out the firebox safer and more efficient by keeping the hot embers in the stove until fully consumed, then soft cool ash can be scooped out, placed in an ash can for 2-3 days to ensure any small embers are completely out. All that wonderful ash is spread in my futute garden & where I’m trying to grow grass. It has really helped to condition my soil! 

Here is the fan fully assembled & installed in the doorway. 2077’s description is ‘industrial’, and I suppose it is somewhat. I don’t mind it at all. I purchased this to help move warm air from the living space through a door & into a bedroom that is always chilly. I had used a 20″ box fan held up to the approximate location this small fan is now and I’d have to say the small fan is much more effective at moving the warm air in. I would think a larger fan would move more air and make it warmer faster, but I did not have that experience. It is also fairly quiet, but not silent. ​

​​I love the non-electric products Lehman’s carries, but also appreciate the electric options they carry as well. Looking forward to many years of use!