This has been a great winter for us!  The temperatures are more Spring-like than Winter-like, which has been nice.  We froze last year, living in a damp garage without a standard way to heat it, so this year is a nice change.

One thing that does have me a bit concerned is the bug situation.  The sustained freezing temperatures kill off lots of buggy critters and so far this year it just hasn’t been cold enough for long enough.  We are smack in the middle of a forest, so we just might get eaten alive this year. Not a nice prospect.

To help ensure that doesn’t happen, we are going to have to load up on pesticides.  I really hate to do that, but seems like there isn’t a viable alternative.  I know we could have chickens, but the problem is we don’t have a coop for them.  Since we are in a high predator area, we really NEED a strong coop, and possibly an outer fence that is electrified.  This all takes time. And money.  Right now we are focused on firewood, which needs time to fully dry.

This seems to be a really common occurrence with most homesteaders/rural country folks.  In the beginning, there is just too much to do!  We’ll just do what we can, and learn to be content.  We’ll get there….eventually.

During this ‘in between times’, I’m attempting at planning out my garden and getting a general game plan as to how I will try to garden here.  I don’t have high hopes for my first year. Especially with those ‘critters’ in the picture on the right! 🙂