Several years ago, I had purchased a mystery fleece from a fiber friend in Florida.  There had been a woman in our area that was one of the only spinners and because fiber was harder to come by as well, she had her own flock of sheep.

She was the wife of a Judge and had passed away, so the Judge was looking to sell some of her tools and fiber to others that might appreciate them as well.  My fiber friend had watched the Judge’s wife spin many years prior and had become interereted in spinning because of her.  My fiber friend now had a local yarn shop and when the Judge came in to sell some items, my friend of course wanted to help.

In turn, I had become the student, and watched my fiber friend spin and had wanted to learn more and more!!  The Judge had a few fleeces from their flock, and I became the owner of one.

The fleece was brown, which is one of my preferred colors, but not solid brown.  I had strands of white in it too, which I thought pretty.  I got to cleaning, flicking, picking, and carding. Ultimately, ended up with many batts of fiber.

So far this is what my practice fleece is shaping up to be.

img_2463I have about 16 batts left to spin, and four completed skeins that are two-ply.  I did my best to spin them woolen.  I haven’t calculated their yardage or grist yet. Once I am done that will be something I do for each skein and I’m hoping for everything to be fairly equal.

I had originally planned to knit a sweater when I purchased the fleece, but now I just want to finish spinning it.