It’s foggy here fairly often, especially as the weather warms. Folk wisdom says that in the month of August, count the morning fogs & that will be how many times it snows that winter. This year, it hasn’t held true. We had about 10 foggy mornings, and it’s snowed about theee times.


Due to the fog, I think, the humidity here can be brutal. Much worse than Florida. Florida will have 99% in the morning, but burns off quickly due to strong sun. Mid-day settles somewhere beween 50-70% humidity, depending upon cloud cover, if it has rained, etc. In Tennessee, when it’s foggy, you are IN the cloud. So basically it’s raining. With the hills and hollers those clouds get trapped, so it takes HOURS for the fog to burn off. Sometimes we didn’t see the sun until 10AM. Once it does burn off, the humidity can drop fast, 40% or lower.
This is one of the big weather differences I have learned here, big temperatures swings and humidity swings. Takes a while to get used to.