I’ve been working on my brown mystery fiber fleece in earnest.  Consistent fiber spinning is a skill that I have wanted to really master for some time now.  There aren’t a lot of us fiber-geeks out there, even fewer teachers, and fewer still that actually have classes or workshops.  Much of what I know has been way of the University of YouTube, a few books, and a great group on Facebook called ‘A Spinners Study’.  The ‘Hive Mind’ as some call it.  It’s really a Gold Mine of information, skill, and talent.  Humbling! I’d rather be the worst person in the virtual room, so that everyone is my teacher.

Here is my progress:

Batts ready to be spun and five skeins of two-ply yarn.



Top to bottom are my first, second, and third batches or spinning sessions.  I have been using my Eszee Spinning Tool guide from Camaj Fibers and I think it has been paying off!  To my eye, the last picture has much more of a consistent diameter and twist angle than my first, which has a lot of overall fuzziness and slubs (fat pieces of fiber).  At the moment, I haven’t measured yardage, so we’ll see how that all plays out.  I have around 12 more batts to spin and each two-ply skein takes just shy of four batts.  I should have around 10 skeins when I’m all done.  What I’m doing to do with this yarn has yet to be determined!