We are experience an enhanced threat of severe weather right now. Spring-like storms.  Tornados are always the concern in this part of the country – yes even in the mountains they can happen. Like an EF0 or EF1, still strong enough to destry a house and make a really bad day. ​

Here you can see the issues we have with run off & erosion. All that muddy water is washing away my soil. You can see a bit of grass at the beginning of the video – the water is actually more clear. Just reemphazing the need to revegitate after tearing up the soil. 

Only upside is these squalls, they are fairly short lived. In Florida, this heavy rain might have gone on for an hour or more. That would be devastating up here with this clay. Florida’s sandy soil can just drink it up. 

After today, it will turn cold. Still learning. 

All over! My rain guage say ~1/2″ of rain, all in about 40 min.