In the building process, a lot of tress have to be removed for site prep. It’s a headache and/or heartache waiting to happen if you leave trees too close to your house. They get blown over, possibly on to your house, or driveway, take out power lines, disturb foundations. The big stuff has to go.

We really aren’t ready to start landscaping, but there was a tree giveaway and I wanted to plant something.  Spring is just around the corner and I DEMAND green!  The trees are bare rootstock seedlings, so not too much work to dig holes and if placed correctly, will be a nice addition

This gorgeous baby greeted me at the distribution center!

This is a Tulip Poplar tree all planted.  Looks sorta unimpressive; like a stick in the ground.  Hopefully it will grow.  The square of decaying tree limbs help to mark it, and eventually provide some fertlizier for the area.

This is just the hole.  I just wanted to show you the quality – or lack there of – that we have.  Trust me, this looks heavenly compared to the stuff around my house.  Around my house we have the dirt at the top of the hole – looks like dry peanut butter.  In the center there is sort of a blue-grey color.  THAT is the clay that the ‘old timers’ around here used to make pottery with.  I can totally understand why!  It’s amazing stuff & thankfully not too much at the surface.  The blue clay is slicker than snot on a door knob!


Wider angle of the hole.  You can see the yellowish clay, blue, clay, and the very superficial layer of topsoil.



Here’s the bare root stock.  Not much too it, but you can’t just shove it in a hole.  You must create a mound in the center, get all the roots to point DOWN,  backfill, water, compress, backfill, more water, more compressing until it’s flush with the surrounding soil.

All done!

We planted five species of trees in this giveaway.  Virginia pine, tulip poplar, red oak, wild plum, and redbud.  I really hope the wild plum and redbuds do well.  It would be very nice to see their color. Maybe Spring of 2018!