The general feeling around here is good luck with that.  We have a USPS mailbox two miles away from our house in front of our neighbor’s.  I understand that consolidation of mail boxes are helpful to the mail carrier, making his/her routes quicker and more efficient, but it’s somewhat of a pain for us.

One of the by products of lonely mail boxes ‘out in the middle of nowhere’ is they become victim of vandals.  Our little grouping of mail boxes has been hit two times in the last 18 months.

5-15-2015-6-19-12-AM-10487877I was afraid this might happen, so I purchased one of those reinforced steel boxes.  When our box got hit, it broke their bat and only slightly creased the metal on the side of the box.  The other two boxes were flattened.  It would be nice to have our box in FRONT of our house where we can monitor it, but that would require more miles for the carrier and down a rougher road.

Which brings me to the next issue: packages!  Everyone makes Amazon or other on-line orders, but when you live in the backwoods, and your local town doesn’t have a UPS Store to rent a box there/receive your packages, the options on taking possession of your package become harder.  We opened a PO Box specifically for packages.  We try to have all packages sent to that, it just makes life easier.  We can track the item and know when it’s arrived.  It sits safely in a locker box or behind their counter until I can get there.  I don’t have to risk life, limb, or property just to get out and get a package during inclement weather.

On the rarer occasions a package will be sent UPS, I have to track down my driver.  He’s been so nice and accommodating to us!  He gets his deliveries from a larger truck towing a trailer.  They come from a  larger distribution point and make drop offs to the smaller towns, but the local workers make the end point delivery.  It’s a pretty neat set up! It’s never been a problem to get our package from the UPS driver, just a smaller window of opportunity which is somewhat stressful for us.

I make mention of this because I will be doing the UPS chase down sometime this week since I have ordered a few things and at least one will be on The Big Brown Truck.  It will just give me an opportunity to say ‘Hi’ to my driver once more.  I should probably bake him some cookies or something to keep him in our good graces.