Yeah, it happens to all of us transplants I think.

When we were planning this phase of our life I knew that working full-time off the property wasn’t going to happen.  So I worked as much as possible before leaving Florida, knowing that I’d be unemployed for at least a year. What I didn’t realize was how much socialization my job provided for me.  Now it’s just 2077, and Badger Boy – both of which I adore – but there are no other faces.  I miss that.  This is something that I had not accounted for, and has taken me by surprise somewhat.  This is part of life, going through these experiences and learning what you like vs. what you don’t like.

When I wanted to get back into the job market, I only part-time, at best.  I was going to be busy on the property, but I also didn’t want to be out of the working loop for too long.  I have a perishible skill and trust me, right now I’m rusty!  So I’m on the hunt for a very part-time job in my field again to get my brain and hands working again.

For me that variety is part of what keeps me healthy and keeps me positive.  It may be possible for me to develop an at home business or work from home job, but for now  off site work is the goal and I look forward to it.