I think we are really beavers.  Cut, split, stack, repeat, repeat, repeat!  We have six cords now and are working well into the seventh.

We don’t burn pine. I think in the Western United States, people tend to burn more pine, but here it’s hardwoods all the way.  Pine is just too dangerous really.  Even if it’s been dried out for two years.  It is a bad smoker, and deposits a lot of creosote.  It’s great for a camp fire, but NOT for a fire place or wood stove.  Burning pine is a great way to burn your house down.

We ran out of pallets that we were using to stack cordwood, so we had to make our own backwoods style pallet. I thought I’d show you our primitive method. Since we don’t burn pine, we take the trees that had to be cut and use them as skids.  Then I build a bottom layer that has gaps like this.  The gaps help with air flow, which helps to accelerate dry time.

I keep going until I have everything well set.  As the wood dries it will settle and I DO NOT want this to fall over and be a hazard for anyone.  Plus if it falls, I have to pick it up AGAIN.  Taking my time will save me from any Jenga tower tip overs!


This is the next layer.  The stack is sloped and the base wasn’t made exactly level, which is becoming more apparent as I stack up.


Now I have to build up the downhill side to create a more level and stable pile.


We’ll keep cutting and stacking and working towards our goal of 10 cords before the official start of Spring!