It’s been a storage for quite a while, so I wasn’t sure what horrors I might find. I was pleasantly surpised to find no creepies or other unwanted hitchhikers.

I had purchased this fleece off of Ebay and not directly from a farm/farmer.  I’m not exactly sure what a ‘good’ fleece is.  Maybe in the future, I can have more experience with that if/when I attend a fiber festival, or possibly make a few fiber-farmer friends.
Bader Boy guarding me on the porch.  It’s been a very cool transformation to watch him from being ‘just a dog’ to a ‘dog with a mission!’  We are his flock, and he takes his job very serious!

Initial inspection doesn’t look too bad.  The tips are kinda dirty, which seems to be normal.  Some vegetable matter (VM), but not awful.  There was a fair bit of sand in the fleece, but again not awful.  I don’t even see poo, which is nice!

The very first fleece I worked on a few years ago, was a train wreck and a dumpster fire all together!  All other fleeces can only get better from that point on!

Staple length, approximately five inches, and crimp.  In case you are wondering, this has become a mystery fleece too! I thought I would remember, but I don’t. I think it might be Cheviot, but I have no documentation.  I tried to go back into Ebay to look at my order history, but I can’t seem to do that either.  Lesson learned, write it down!

This was interesting. I hadn’t ever seen this before, so I asked around.  The consensus was the sheep was nicked when it was being shorn, and this is a bit of dried skin.  It seems pretty big to me!  Poor baby!

Weather has taken a turn, so no outside work with finishing skirting this and the wash process is on hold for a few days.  Once I do I’ll show you what I am doing.

Stay warm fiber friends!