Sooo, I have ruts. I have ruts in my mud because I don’t have much grass. I don’t have much grass because when the construction crew  cleared the area, all of the top soil was lost. 

In order to encourage new microbiology to start, you have to start with lime around here. Copious amounts of it. We have probabaly put down 750lbs of lime in various areas that total less than 1/4 acre. It is helping. We have some grass that has taken hold, but this is a multi year project. Maybe five years to get a really lush green lawn. Right now, I’ll settle for patchy. 
With all these ruts, my broadcaster has crashed & burned. This kind is not meant for hilly terrain and ruts. 

It’s just a codder pin, and we can fix it easily. We need it, so we can broadcast the next layer of grass seed. Once we limp by, we might get a bigger broadcaster that have big inflatable tires. That should work better than this style, which is for nice flat land. 

Always something….