So it’s been a few weeks since the planting and I wanted to check on my new trees. We have had several rains and a few cold spells. Here’s the pictures. 

These are the red oaks. The first one has grown ove six inches!! I guess we planted that one in a good spot. Second one has sprouts, but not as much growth. Still happy with that!

These are Tulip Poplar, Tennessee’s state tree. They are also doing well, showing new growth. 

Next up are the wild plums. Again, showing new growth, but not as vigorous as the Red Oaks. 

Next is the Redbuds – they are not doing so well I think. The first picture shows, I think, an inch of new growth but it’s hard to tell. Second picture, no real change. No buds on either tree. These are the ones I really to grow. Bummer!

Last ones are my pines – they died. No pictures, looked like they got squashed by something. Not heartbroken since we have too many pines here already.