We had a few packages that were sent out this past week. Like I have posted before, receiving anything out in the boonies is sometime difficult at best.

I did something weird.  I ordered a bed.  Through Walmart.  They ship it.  Who knew?  I had been looking for a relatively decent bed for my guest room.  I didn’t want to spend 1,300.00 for a bed that will only be slept on a few times a year.  Since my guest room is upstairs, I also didn’t want to get a hernia moving it in the house, up the stairs, and on the bed.  I wanted a lighter bed, physically and financially.  Enter Walmart.

A newer style of bed are these high density, memory foam mattresses.  I scoped a few places out, but Walmart did have the best prices, by far!  I put a lot of stock in the reviews, so I read the product information carefully to vet my future product, then read most of the reviews, keeping in mind that  outlier reviews needed to be discounted.  Overly positive or negative reviews could be a super picky sleeper, or someone that is happy with anything softer than granite rock. I chose one that was on-sale and had pretty high overall reviews from a third-party seller, Best Choice Products.

What I missed what the Best Choice Products ships via FedEx.  For whatever reason Walmart did not have a ‘pick-up-at-your-local-store’ option.  I will choose that nine times out of ten, and nine times out of ten I will avoid FedEx.  Their customer service reps are difficult to deal with; there is little wiggle room with FedEx. I’m not sure why, but they are harder to convince to be flexible for us rural folks, but they are. I had quite a run around with them, and unfortunately with Walmart.  Long story short, I was able to meet the FedEx driver, who was very nice, polite, and accommodating to us.  I got the bed!



As I looked at this – at home – I thought, “This can’t possibly be a QUEEN!”  I thought I had ordered the wrong size or they shipped the wrong one.  Ugh! NO!  So difficult to do a return if there was an error. As it turned out, it was a queen size, it just had some really strong space bag suction to make it small.  It’s compressed in a suction bag, then folded in half and rolled.  That roll is in another bag to keep it from springing apart.  Pretty neat actually.

Here is the bed all decompressed.  Once we cut the last bag, the bed sprung up in about 90 seconds.

Hopefully a nice comfy bed that will last a good long while!