So, just a quick blip for ya!!  Life is resuming a regular schedule and not a moment too soon!!  2077 and I have been enjoying rare visitors from Florida, my folks.  It was great to see them and the time flew by way too quick, but time has a way of doing that.  We tend not to get too many visitors due to our remoteness and ruggedness.  Most ‘vacationers’ want to visit the sites.  Our place IS ‘the sights.’  Right after they flew the friendly skies home, we had a quick weekend trip out of town…so more routine disruption, but again it was nice.

Here on the top of the Cumberland Plateau we are just sliding into Spring.  Other areas in the valley or foothills are in full spring, but the green up is here at last!  Yay & ugh!  It’s great to see the color again, but it means that we need to get busy….VERY BUSY.

We fell short of our goal of 10 cords of wood before the first day of Spring.  We had a few cold snaps and had to dip into the wood that we had split for the 2017-2018 winter.  Not a lot, but it just emphasized we need wood and LOTS of it!  This year was ‘mild’, so a bad winter we are estimating at least double, which is 10 cords.  We are hoping to not use all of it each year and build up a reserve, but the work still needs to be done.  It’s a marathon.  This will take several years to get that buffer set the way we want it.

Six and a half cords there. So close, but not the full 10!

Gardening needs to start in earnest…like 1 month ago! Living by the seasons is going to take some getting used to.  In Florida we had one season: Grow.  Here we truly have all four, which creates an ebb and flow, this is new to me.  Deer in the garden area has impressed that we probably need to get a fence up.  They have already hit a few strawberry plants I have out there.  Depending upon if a black bear happens by, that fence might need to be electrified, then teach Badger Boy to avoid it!

More composting, liming, grass and clover seed, then hopefully making some wood chips! We’ll see how much woods time we do this Spring, Summer, and Fall.  The ticks are already fierce.  Warm winters=lots of ticks. During the worst tick time, we may just stick close to the house to avoid them.

Much to do and much to learn!