This fleece has literally taken years to finish.  If that seems ridiculous , it might be.  I didn’t have a lot of free time in Florida to devote to all the reading and practice that is require when one wants to learn a new skill and doesn’t have a teacher or mentor.  I may have gotten a bad fleeced too, with lots of second cuts, but I am not an expert on what is ‘good’ or ‘bad’.  Maybe in a few more years I’ll have that experience.

Here it is! 10 skeins in all it’s glory.  Two ply, approximately 10 wraps per inch, woolen prepared (on a drum carder) and woolen spun.  It’s quite and arm full, I can’t hold them all without dropping at least one skein.

I have learned to WRITE IT ALL DOWN.  Those white cards are just index cards that I have written down all that information and more.  You might be tempted to think “I’ll remember that!  It took so long to do, how could I forget?”  You’d be wrong.  Details like this get deleted from our memory cashe and good luck figuring out what you did!

2077 has proclaimed the yarn to be his future sweater that I must knit for him.  Geeze, a little demanding, huh?  I’d love to do it, but since I’m also not a great knitter, I’d need a nice basic pattern to follow.  One more thing on the ‘to-do list’.