The locals here in the North Cumberland Plateau say we are not quite into Dogwood Winter.  Odd because we are in Spring.  The Dogwoods here are just starting to light up the forest.  As opposed to the Redbud Trees that seem to just grow in open areas, mainly near roadways, Dogwoods can and will be in the middle of a forest like a beautiful beacon of light.

Hot on the Dogwood’s heels are the Blackberries!  It’s really amazing to see how fast everything can take off when the temperatures start to rise.

Before long, the white blooms will start to pop and then you know what that mean?! Blackberries!  It also means something else too….

Bears. They love this stuff and unfortunately for me, these blackberry patches grow all over and far too close to my house.  Guess that’s the hazard of living in the deep backwoods.  Once we get to using our chipper, we will try to mow down/chop up as much of these as possible. I can coexist with those stinky bears, just at a distance.