We are in a rut of sorts. We are trying to finish up the winter project of firewood and getting started on Spring garden fencing. 

Currently, we have seven and a half  cords of wood split and stacked. We also have a nice collection of rounds waiting to be split. Hopefully soon we’ll have enough rounds to finally push us to our 10 cord goal. 

This is the set up we have for bringing the cut rounds from the ‘hills & hollers’ to our work site. 

Four wheelers/ATV’s have innumerable uses around a farm/ranch. Ours has proven itself to be quite essential!!

This cart was a purchase from Northern Tool. We can load up a good quantity of wood and stage it at our wood cutting area. Again, a nice towable cart has proven itself to be very necessary for our hilly terrain

Working on getting the T-posts set in the ground for our six-foot fence for the garden. It hasn’t rained in a bit, so the ground is impossibly hard!  We are getting them pounded in, but it is taking a loooong time!


You can also see the ‘male pattern baldness’ grass that is finally growing. Having just this little bit of grass has really helped with slowing down the erosion and keeping thedust  and mud down.