It’s going to be a long wet weekend.  We’ve already received over two inches of rain and we have a few more days to go.  That is always worrisome since our garage tends to get rather damp.

Here’s a picture of our still in progress garden with the rain guage filling up.


As ever humble as that grass and weed mixture is, it really had helped with controlling the erosion problem.  We have also learned that leaves can help slow the rate of water too.

Since it’s so wet, 2077 was saying ‘no turkey hunting today, they’ll all be roosting.’  No, he was wrong.  A turkey was walking along near the house.  2077 called me to see it, which of course I couldn’t.  So, I said ‘Why are you telling me? Go kill it!’  A few minutes later I heard a loud boom, which for a fraction of a second I thought was thunder, which has been in the area.  Nope, it was a whammy shell.  Just like that, the day has changed!