We had a wild weekend of rainy weather.  At our homeplace we recorded over six inches of rain!  Far too much for this clay soil to handle.  As a result we had flooding all over.  Rivers and creeks overspilled their banks.  Roads slid into creeks.  Culverts were washed out leaving an empty hole and a thin tube of dirt overlaid with asphalt.  Our road department ran out of barricades and watches and warnings were communicated to all the residents and we were asked to just stay home.  This is an common theme with road conditions here.  They are under funded, staffed, supplied so just stay off the roads.  Don’t get me wrong; I have a great affinity for our road department.  They are miracle workers as far as I’m concerned.  They get next to nothing and somehow manage to squeak by every year.  Those at the Federal level would be wise to take a lesson from our Road Superintendent.

Others had to evacuate due to rising flood water.  Water intruding into basements and garages.  Overall it was quite a mess this past weekend.

Yesterday, the sun came out and we were started to dry out.  Today we have heavy fog, but it’s slowly starting to burn off.  This is why I say the humidity is worse than Florida: we are in the fog!  It’s actually raining without any rain ‘drops’.



Burning off nicely now.  Around 6:30 AM, the fog was so thick I couldn’t take a picture.  It was just a blanket of white, like a very steamy shower.  Except cold.