I’m finally getting ready to scour my next fleece.  Everything takes me a long time, and fiber work is no exception!  I got around to opening the fleeced a while back and generally picking through it.  I wish I had a fiber tumbler like Fancy Kitty sells, here, but it’s large and I don’t have the money much less the room for it.  So, I went looking around the house for something that might work similarly.  I thought a mesh laundry bag might work.  I’m sure it’s not as good as a motorized one, you can turn it on and it will turn for 30 minutes if you like.  I only did what I had the endurance for.  The dirtiest part of the fleeced will go though my Pat Green Triple Picker and then drum carded so I can process and spin it ‘woolen’.  The locks I will try and keep intact and comb them to prepare and spin that portion ‘worsted.’



It didn’t take too long…maybe because I’m out of shape.  I did get a fair bit of dirt and sand out.  The vegetable matter will be more for the picker.  The larger holed bags will have the fleecee that is the dirtiest with the most vegetable matter.


Here it is all pre-cleaned, sorted and waiting for a good day to get out there and wash it!