I had a super wonderful opportunity to attend a mushroom workshop!!  I had thought we were going to just listen to a lecture and then armed with our new knowledge, we were going to have to slug through the process on our own.

No, this was a hand-on workshop!  Wow, was it ever wonderful!  The instructor made the process really accessible, handled all the questions like a pro and got us all drilling, pushing in mycelium spores into the holes, and topping off the holes with paraffin.  It was a bunch of fun and so nice to have that kind of ‘controlled chaos’ that happens with a hand-on workshop.

(L) Poplar inoculated with Oyster (M) White Oak inoculated with Shiitake, and (R) Poplar will get Wine cap (undrilled at the moment)

After a busy two hours, I loaded up my THREE logs, and came home.  Once home those logs needed to come out of the hot car, so I grabbed the first and smallest one (although it was still fairly heavy because this was all green wood).  Almost set to the ground and it slipped a few inches right onto my small toe.  Boy-howdy, did that hurt!!  I doesn’t seem to be broken, I can bear weight just fine and flex my toes although it’s soar.  It’s just bruised a pretty purple color.


We are getting a tremendous soaking, which doesn’t do well for us driving or flooding issues, but it will be great start for these logs.

Our instructor recommended Field & Forest Products for further information and/or products.  I look forward learning, doing, and eating more!