I’ve been reading a book that my Dad gave to me before we moved. It’s “The Complete Book of Composting” by J.I. Rodale and Staff, printed around 1967.  Besides being extremely through, it’s quite poetic at times.  Here an excerpt:

“Man must maintain natures equilibrium in the soil of he desires to continue to people the earth.  Man is of the earth and must tend to it properly.  One man will say, “From whence will come the raw materials with which to make compost?” and go straightaway to the chemist for a bag of something.  He thus identifies himself as part of a system of soil banditry – taking, but not giving.

Another man does not question.  He knows that God gave an adequacy of everything and that if he seeks he shall find.  He goes forth upon the highways and ventures into the byways.  He comes home laden with the necessary stuffs, the wherewithal to mix a dish fit for the most savory carrots, or most exotic zinnias.  He is weighted down with hummus materials, both animal and vegetable, which the unknowing bystanders considers trash or worse, but which, like the touch of Midas, will turn into gold under his competent hand.”