I finally made it part way down the mountain to Clinton, TN to go to my ‘local’ yarn shop: Clinch River Yarn Company!!  Wowzers – what a cool place!


They had A LOT of yarn!!  A nice place in the back it looked like for classes, a few chairs set up here and there, as well as a lovely porch.  I’ve been told they have a ‘Spin In’ the last Saturday of each month for us crazy fiber spinners to get together.  Of course the sweet owner, Sandy, didn’t say that, but based on my purchase she could tell that I’m infected with the spinning bug.  Sigh…what can I say?

I’m finding Tennessee to be better in the fiber heritage ways, which suits me just fine! This was my first jump in to purchasing a.) other peoples fiber b.) braids c.) color ways!  Most spinners probably start off this way then work into processing their own fiber or becoming an Indie Dyer. I have absolutely no idea how or what I’m going to do with these fibers just yet, but I wanted to branch out and try some new fibers, techniques, and play with color.  The tan batt is llama and wool, which I’m really excited to spin.  I have only really played around with wool. The blue/white/brown braid has silk in it – awesome!! I have read some folks use acrylic as a practice batt for different techniques before diving into the more expensive fibers.  That seems like good advice. I’ll get some before I dive into these beautiful fiber braids.