We decided to make a purchase of two water cubes.  They can hold about 275 gallons of water, and when full can store 550 gallons of water for us.  They were shockingly inexpensive: $50.00!!  That’s why we have two and really might get a few more, but we’ll work with this for now.

Why go though the problem of getting and moving these cubes?  We are somewhat water insecure….we do have water and under ‘normal’ household uses, we are fine.  We have a well that is considered a low yield ~1 gal/per minute of recharge rate.  Kinda sucky, I know.  The well is 300 feet deep and the pipe is six inches wide, and when they measured it, at static level of 160 feet (although this can change up or down depending on the ground water level.  I was also told the well recharge rate might be ~2 gal/min or it might be 1/2 gal/minute).  I was told one foot of pipe hold one and a half gallons of water which equals to 240 gallons (160 x 1.5 = 240 gallons of water).  That is in the ‘hold area’ of the well and gets pumped up as we need it.

The problem is two fold: If we lose electricity, we can’t pump any more.  Second, if we need a higher volume of water in a short period of time, we may run out/run low.  One thing we have decided we really need is to wash our vehicles and spray off the undercarriage, especially after winer.  The road crews use a salt brine solution spray on the roads, so if we are driving when some of this road salt is still on the road, it kicks up on to the undercarriage.  Plus, all the mud we have out here in the backwoods just seals in that salt.  It needs to be washed off in the beginning of Spring.  It’s also just nice to have a clean car every once in a while.  I know, I’m a demanding wife that way.


We are off loading them from the trailer onto a smaller trailer our four-wheeler can tug up the hill.  The first thing we had to do was drain the tanks.  They come with some soapy water in it.  That helps to weigh it down and keep it generally cleaner.  Empty, the cubes weigh about 130 pounds.

This is the area 2077 cleared out so we can set them in a pretty level spot.  It’s above the house/driveway which should give us plenty of water pressure when we need it.

Here the cubes are set.  The left cube spigot is towards the right cube because there is a slight grade. We want all the water to go to the outlet.  The right cube spigot is pointing away or towards the driveway.  Again there was a slight tilt and trying to use that to our advantage.  We also have my tubs set on top to capture rain water.  Hauling water at eight pounds per gallon is heavy!  The plan eventually is to cover this area with a lean-to type shed, put on some tin roofing material, gutter and downspouts so when it rains, it will go right into the cubes.