In our never ending collection and set up of wood, 2077 made a smallish woodshed for us over the winter.  This one is closer to the house than the other 10 cords we have towards the end of the driveway.  We do that for safety. In the event of a fire, I literally have wood that is perfect to burn.  Until we are ready, and the weather turns wet and cold, all that fuel stays away from the house.

This shed holds approximately a half cord of wood.  Just enough for a few days worth in the Spring and Fall.  Later in the winter, we will have this full as well as wood stacked on our porch.  Since it’s Spring now, we really need to get our garden and outdoor space organized.

2077 obtained an oversized pallet to use as the base for this wood shed.  He then went scrounging in the back for pieces of wood to make the sides.  He found quite a bit of old tongue and groove.  He made up the sides and roof.  Over the winter, he had just slapped on some tar paper to keep the wood dry.  That seemed to work well, but with Springs more turbulent storms, the tar paper was ripped off and leaked.

Once we decided on it’s new location, 2077 buzzed into town to buy a piece of reject tin from the metal company.  We had some left over from when the roofers did the house, but not enough.  He was able to get Barn Red.  Our roof is darker red.  Who cares!  Here 2077 is attaching the metal to the roof


All done and ready to start stacking dry wood!


This shed has become a nice little oasis of shade.  We’ve also been using it as a make shift shed.  Who know’s what it will ultimately be, but so far it’s been pretty handy!