Yes, we are.  Take a good look at what 2077 is doing.  We have been slowly sculpting the dirt between the buildings to get the water to run to the middle then off to either side and away from the structures.  We have to do this for two reasons:  we wait until it rains to see where the water pool and runs, and we can’t work it too wet – it’s just mushy.  Too hard and it’s like concrete.  In this picture we are a lot closer to concrete.


We are just about there.  Soon we’ll gather up a lot of rocks that are flat-ish to create a creek bed look.  We’ll also seed it with some grass to help absorb extra moisture.

Once this part is done, it should cut down a lot on the dirt that gets tracked into the house.  There always will be issues out here, but the back yard that now has some grass – yay – and this area were the worst offenders.