I’ve been working on my garden as best as possible, but considering I am almost growing in sub-soil it’s going to be tough.  One thing that was suggested is to grow in straw bales and it will allow the soil to develop, so in a few years I can have a great garden….just not now.

I got three straw bales and did the conditioning process of watering them and using bone meal and some organic fertilizer to help the straw decompose.  It was a pretty neat process that took about 12 days to complete.  I’ve left straw out and it got rained on for several weeks, but it never degraded as fast as this.

After about day 15 I finally got around to putting plants in. I planted all Roma tomatoes and companion planted many yellow onions around them.


For the tomatoes I pushed my trowel down and tried to push it side to side to make a hole.  Didn’t work too well.


I had to remove a small plug of straw to have enough room.  I back filled it with some Miracle Grow, planted my tomatoes and top filled with more Miracle Grow.  Then watered.  Really fast this way!


As for the onions, they were small ‘sets’ so I just shoved them down in the straw without any soil.  They are growing too, although a bit slower.  Lesson learned, they all need at least a little bit of soil.