I’be been slowly working through my white mystery fleece.  It’s been going faster than the brown one, but still takes time.  I had a section of the fleece that was particularly dirty and full of vegetable matter (VM).  I took that and set it aside to run through the picker.  I also have been setting aside the ‘waste’ from my combing.  The waste is shorter staple length, which is perfect for using on a drum carder.

Here is the Pat Green Triple Picker.  It has over 600 tines.  I will pick apart fleece really quickly and create what is commonly called a ‘cloud’.


The arm swings back and forth and the fiber makes its way to the back and eventually falls off into my waiting blue tub.  What is in the tub is called cloud. You can spin straight from that, but I want to run it through the carder.


Here is a closer look at the tines.  Yes, I’m wearing gloves because this is actually a fairly dangerous piece of equipment.  It’s recommended to wear a leather apron as well.  I don’t have one, but I do have some leather that I will make an apron when I get some time.


As a side note, the Pat Green TRIPLE PICKER has over 600 tines, actually 609,  I counted them.  Pat Green did make a model that looks similar but has less tines, somewhere around 400.  Many people think Pat Green only made a triple picker.  Not true.  Just be aware when buying used equipment (like I did with this one) that tine configuration needs to look similar to this one, or it’s not a TRIPLE PICKER!