Such that it is, the garden is ‘in’.  The fence is up, but it’s not really complete.  We will need to add a small gauge wire on the bottom, like really small chicken wire.  That will help keep more of the rabbits and mice out of the garden.  It will also have to be buried down eight inches or so.

The garden is growing, but I don’t expect it to do really well,  Pretty soon the plant roots will hit the sub soil bottom and have a hard time punching into it.  This will cause the plants to grow slow or be stunted.  I’m just pleased as punch that there is something growing in there.


While we were working outside, we had 4-7 Purple Martins circling the house eating flying bugs for most of the day.  It was really cool. The male song is the most distinctive. They come in pretty close to chase the bugs, but also to become familiar with people.  They are a semi-domesticated bird.  So, like suckers, we went out and got a bird house.  It’s really too late for a new family to move it, but at least the birds might spot it and want to check it out for next year.