A week or so ago I had to attend a workshop to earn CEUs for my profession, and it was held on the campus of the University of Tennessee!  This is the first time I had been on campus and it is LARGE!  I actually just thought I was in a part of  Knoxville, but nope, it’s the campus.

One of the really neat things about living here (really almost anywhere other than Florida) is the HISTORY!  I love American History and it’s all over the place here.  Other than St. Augustine, Florida – which is the oldest city in America 500+ years – everything is basically new.

I had a short walk from the parking garage to the building where the workshop was to take place.  On my walk, this what I saw.



I’m not sure what it is, but the shell is being restored. Inside must be brought up to code, so it will look more modern, or so I’m told
Same building, but the other side.
Historical information sign.
I thought this was interesting….a fraternity? I have no idea.
These trees were just MASSIVE! Absolutely beautiful and well taken care of by an arborist by the looks of the canopy.


Street lined with these huge trees.

Over all the setting way lovely and the workshop informational.  Good to have that checked off my ‘to do’ list.