Here is my fiber progress so far.  I’m approximately half way finished with the processing.  The batts are to the front and right, which is a woolen prep.  In the basket are nests, which are fibers that have been combed and pulled though a diz to create a long top.  This is a worsted prep.

I threw in the Power Scour so show what I used to clean it.  I’m very happy with it’s cleaning ability.  As an aside, I dumped that wash ‘tea’ in my garden area.  It helped things grow.

So far, I have been spinning the combed top and it has been sooooo easy to spin!!  Getting a good fleece, and preparing it well makes all the difference!  I have been able to spin 45 wraps per inch with ease!  My goal is to have a triple ply, navajo plyed, total 20 WPI, to use as a sock yarn.  I haven’t decided what to do with the batts yet.

My first bobbin of worsted yarn.  It’s not perfect of 20 WPI, but that is what happens with handspun yarns.

Spinning some more worsted singles.