2077 has been steady working on the garage. Mainly packing in sand under the shower stall (1950’s construction, by the way.  Best to ask and AVOID this), and doing drywall.

Drywall is a slow and tedious job, but it will be sooo nice when it’s all done! There are no windows in the garage, so nice white walls and bright LED strip lights have made the place cheerful. 

Since we are buttoning up everything 2077 has been in search of a way to seal up the garage door. He rolled up moving blankets and stuffed them at the gap up top and stuffed shopping bags on the side rails. This way we can run a dehumidifier and it actually can keep the humidity in check there. We are hoping to have no more rusty tools. 

Once the mudding is complete, on to painting, and the last part will be to put an expoxy sealer on the floor. I’m sure we will still have humidity issues, but we are trying to stack the deck in our favor by taking care of these issues.