We have still been plugging away at doing chores, but gawd it has been hot! Funny because I always thought how hot it was in Florida.  The ocean keeps the temperatures in check.  It almost never hit 100 degrees…at least close to the coast.  Can’t say for sure inland area.

Here in Tennessee, there aren’t any huge bodies of water to absorb all that thermal energy so we get pretty high temperatures down in our holler that is set back into a cove.   Our non-scientific weather station says we are hitting 95-98 degrees most days lately and humidity is 99% every morning, and it takes a while to burn off, but still feels very humid.  We do what we can, mostly in the mornings, but then retreat into cooler environments.  Climate control is a huge blessing, because two years ago we didn’t have AC, and last year we barely got AC before the super dry hot summer and fall started.

The garden is growing, and actually producing some produce, but not a lot.  Since I only have about four inches of growing medium down, once the roots hit that clay sub soil, they struggle to grow.  The plants do look healthy, except for a few that have been chewed on by flea beetles, even those look pretty good.

We humans and canine’s are being chewed on as well….mosquitoes, chiggers (I think), ticks, and who knows what else.  Boy, are those bites irritating, but in a few days they should be better.  I’m looking forward to a pretty cold winter to help kill back all these bugs for next summer.

Oh yeah, still working on dry walling the garage.  We have been side tracked by a few things and now 2077 is back at it today.  It also makes it harder that all of our stuff is heaped into the center.  Hopefully in the next seven days we can finish off a wall, paint it with primer and then start getting that one side put away and organized, then getting the center of the ceiling done. Looking forward to getting that finished.