One of the things that has struck me while living out here in the backcountry is the problem of shopping.  Probably not what you are thinking exactly, so let me offer a different perspective.

Yes, it can be difficult.  Getting up and out to the blacktop is a 15-20 minute drive and I’ve only traveled 2.5 miles.  Then, I have to put in the drive time to go to the shopping areas, hit multiple stores, pack the vehicle so I have enough room, pack items so they don’t jostle around too much and break while driving our bumpy road all the way back home!  It’s a pain!  I can see why people move ‘closer to town’.  Or even the city…it’s easy, more convenient.  We aren’t about that, and the funny thing is I never recognized it.  A friend mentioned that we do things the hardest way and she’s right.  We also have a lot of superior results because of that, but not always.

One of the ‘discoveries’ that I have had here in regards to shopping is to shop my own stuff.  Do I need to go to the store and buy twine to hold up my tomatoes that are growing? Ummm…no….I have eight billion yards of yarn around here.  I can figure out something.  I want to plant something, but don’t have a proper pot, but I do have buckets! Drill some holes for drainage and try to make the bucket look pretty with paint or something I ALREADY HAVE ON HAND.

By looking at all my stuff in a different way, it has allowed me to be more creative with my possessions.  It also helps with the budget.  Why buy something when you can chop it up, paint it, up-cycle, or repurpose it?

Recycled mason jar with burlap & lace glued on. Zinnias from my garden

Sure there are plenty of things I still need to buy: food, lumber, tools, gas, etc.  Looking critically at my possessions allows me to be more intentional about what I am doing and why I choose that path.