On our trail back to the house we have a rocky narrow rock outcropping that we have to drive through. Locally, these kinds of rocks are called ‘bleed rocks’ because they drip water almost all the time.

August 2017 is on pace for being the wettest August on record here. Really heavy downpours in the mountains caused erosion problems.  Here’s a few pics

The above picture shows how the water has exposed a large rock (pink circle) and has created some erosion.  This in itself isn’t a big issue, especially with 4×4. You can see on the rock some black transfer of tire rubber where people offset to drive over the rock…the rubber transfer is because some people do not use 4×4 and they slip on that rock.

The blue line shows a little more complexity to the issue.  On the right, as the water starts to come around the large rock outcropping, the rushing water wants to go straight on not around the corner.  In effect it has narrowed the road.

Further up the road is the most narrow area that it is impossible to offset.  When the water comes though here it creates a “W” shape to the road.  Vehicle tire tracks basically have to go in the low spots and the high center could scrape the undercarriage of a vehicle.   The green line shows how the water, seeking the lowest level, goes to the inside curve.

It’s all rock in this area, so no muddy areas to worry about, but those larger rocks can and do make a vehicle slide a little bit.  The bigger issue is when the weather turns and all that water turns to ice.

As it stands, this will probably be one big ice block.  I’ve been trying to get the road department to come out here and grade it.  I would take them all of 40 minutes to do it, but it seems they aren’t interested.  All of my calls and stopping by the office hasn’t produced any results.  Yelling and screaming doesn’t accomplish anything either….just wait until there is an emergency I suppose.