After some soggy weather, we felt the ground was dry enough to order up some more gravel. The dump truck holds roughly 16 tons of gravel, plus whatever the truck itself weighs. We needed the road to be good and dry.  

This time, we ordered ‘crush’ or ‘crusher run’. It’s actually made at the concrete factory there. They have to crush the larger gravel, hence the name. 

We were able to apply it on the saddle driveway and approach to the house. Wow, does it ever make a nice improvement! It’s still gravel, but it makes the ground almost flat. No more wobbling while I walk and overall less danger for visitors. 

Crusher run being applied over the larger base gravel
Approach to the house all done. Just have to drive over it to compact it
Saddle driveway all done. Hopefully this will compact nice and hard so people don’t spin out coming up the steep 17% grade