We called out local chimney sweep, or chimney pro, to clean and inspect our wood stove pipes. 

All was good, just a pretty good layer of ashy type soot. About five inches thick in the bottom of the firebox. Our stovepipe is approximately 30 feet long, so I don’t think that was a ridiculous amount of soot to clear out. No hard/sticky creosote was seen, which is the bad kind that can cause chimney fires. 

We called in a professional for several reasons. First and foremost is the damn roof pitch of 10/12. For every 12 inches of run the roof elevates 10 inches = steep!  We are both not fond of heights…actually down right scared, so if this man is willing, we will certainly give him the business!!

Secondly, he’s trained.  He knows what to look for and when we might be headed into trouble. He checks all the connections to make sure they are snug on the roof and cleans the pipe.  Overall it’s fairly quick, but dirty work. 

Third he has the right tools. We have an angle in our stove pipe and he has a wheel on the end of his brush that allows it to turn the corners nicely. That isn’t available for the regular home owner. Some other items, like 22 gauge chimney pipe, you can only buy from a chimney professional as well. 

Fourth, peace of mind. We have done our due diligence to ensure we have another season of safe warmth on our house.