I wanted to put out a video using an All American canner since it is a little different than using a Presto canner. I explain it in the video, but sorry, I’m not the best camera person in the world and sometimes the audio is a little difficult to understand due to the noise coming from the canner and a jet!

The main points I wanted to convey are:

  1. What venting your canner looks like.
  2. All American as an alternative if you do not have an Extension Office that can pressure check your Presto.
  3. What is a ‘proper’ giggle of the weighted gauge.
    1. Answer – One to four times and the length of the giggle doesn’t matter, BUT watch your temperature! It must be over 240 degrees to ensure botulism is killed.  At my altitude 1350, I use 15 lbs of pressure which pops my temperature up to roughly 250 degrees.  ​​​
  4. Don’t leave your canner unattended.  Mind it, because things can and do change fast!

I hope you enjoy the video and find some value in the information.  Happy canning!