We are in the home stretch of finishing all of the construction that started over two years ago.  When we moved here, we started off having to build a ‘lower deck’ and was going to be the support for the main porch deck.  Our builders didn’t include a railing in the price of the deck….another form of price manipulation in my opinion…..so we did without until recently.

2077 has learned quite a lot of carpentry skills and knew he could tackle this job easily.  After getting all the pressure treated wood and pickets it took about five days to finish and that was working at Tennessee Waltz pace. We are definitely not under deadline, so working only as much as he wants is just dandy with us!

Badger Boy here patrolling the area on the lookout for skinks that he might protect us from.  He’s enjoying the deck more. Since we have the railing, we allow him to wander wherever he wants.  There is about a four foot drop off, not too bad, but then the hill slopes down.  This is obviously much safer.

2077 is still at it!  Leveling off an area where the steps will go.  The stringers are all set and once we have a flat spot, which is a very rare thing on our land, he can finish off the stairs and put in a hand railing.

So we started off with this deck and are finishing off with this deck.  The construction isn’t ‘over’ until this is done, but the finish line is very close.

Other project will soon take over our time.  Hunting season in Tennessee is just around the corner you know!