This past week I was canning apples and applesauce.

The only thing I wanted to highlight was what happens when you can & have hard(ish) water. You get a white coating over everything. 

It’s not a big deal, the jars need to be cleaned off anyway. The first time I canned here I thought I did something wrong.  No, just hard water. 

After canning 30 pounds of apples I had a lot of apple cores and peels left over. Time for apple cider vinegar!  Yes, you can make your own and even get the ‘mother’ in there too. It just takes time. 

This time I wanted to use my German crock. 

This is historically what the Germanic people have used for a loooong time to make their fermented foods such as sauerkraut. 

The beauty to this crock is the ‘gutter lip’. The thing my hand is resting on/in

Once you fill it up – and by the way this is way overfilled!! If I were making sauerkraut the volume would be lower because there are 2 semi circle stones that get put in there to weigh down the cabbage.  I’m making vinegar so things move faster. So anyway, after you fill it up, the lid goes on. 

That area between the lid & edge you put water in. This creates an airlock seal. There are also two semi-circle holes on either side of the lid, so as fermentation begins it starts to gas. The gas then burped our those holes, the water gets disturbed and make a water-popping sound. 
Music to my ears!