We just picked up eight Dunstan Chestnut trees at Walmart for $5.00…..yes, 5 bucks!  Normally they are $30-35.00, so we bought all they had left.

The Chinese Chestnuts are supposed to be the better trees now that our American Chestnut is all but gone.  Chinese Chestnut can produce up to 150 lbs of nuts per tree.  This one only 10-20 lbs a year, but deer are supposed to LOVE these nuts!

We will need to find a suitable place to plant these trees as an adjunct to the food plot we already have.  These trees can get fairly large, so we need to start off with a somewhat open area.  We may need to thin the area as the tree matures and creates a canopy.

This is the leaf structure of the Dunstan Chestnut….I believe it’s fairly similar to the American Chestnut, but not sure.  Actually, ‘they’ say there are a scant few American Chestnut trees left in the wild, and scientists are trying to cross breed a blight resistant version of the American Chestnut and bring it back.  Effectively, the American version is sadly gone. I post this because these scientists are looking for new patches of the American Chestnut….if in your woods time you happen to find one, you might be able to identify it.