We knew we had dead deer close by.  The smell sometimes was overwhelming, but today we found the evidence of at least one poor deer.

This all started about six weeks ago when the smell of death was strong coming down our driveway.  Six weeks ago it was really too hot, buggy, and snaky to be tromping around in the woods.  Last few days it’s been down right chilly, so 2077 set out to attempt to find the carcass.  He only found four bones.

It’s possible that when winter set in and more foliage is down and the grass dies back, we may find more bones and/or different carcass, but this is it for now.  2077 estimation is that is was one of the fawns/yearlings we saw earlier this year.

Although we ARE a hunting family, we also have been trying to do our part at conservation; hence the food plot.  We also have other plans to help the deer in the area to have a safe area they can eat and obtain water.  This years EHD has been pretty hard on our county.

We are hoping the populations can rebound well.