I don’t have any farm animals here, which I hope to change soon, so getting good manure is a little difficult, but not impossible!

The easy answer is to use whatever you have, and what I have are three sources: bunnies, bats, and worms.

Last year I started composing in earnest. I did not have one of those trendy earthworm condos, and 2077 was uncomfortable with the idea. Worm escapees all over the house was nightmare worthy, so that idea got nixed.

Speaking with my Dad he suggested a bucket with holes drilled in it, buried in the garden, dump kitchen scraps, newspaper, and the worms as well. The worms come and go and all worms remain outside.

My ground is hard as a rock, and burying a bucket seemed too difficult, so I just settled on buying three dozen worms and putting them directly in the garden and compost area. The worms still have a lot of work to do, tilling my soil, but it IS working and it’s great to have their manure!

Next up was the bunnies. Our fence is really more to keep deer out, so bunnies could get in. They pooh everywhere and bunny pooh is super great for a garden. Right now, things are dormant, so I’m happy that Peter Cottontail is there. Come spring, I may need to add more fencing/deterrent.

Bat was the last and somewhat unexpected source. We have several areas where tree trunk bases are hollow. You can tell the bats live there because the entrance is stained and a mound of ‘dirt’ is at the bottoms. Bat guano is super fertile and high in potassium, which my soil test revealed it was a tad low.

I collected about half of my ash bucket worth. It’s not a lot, but I’m told I don’t need a lot since it’s so powerful.

I sprinkled this all over the garden. We’ll see how it works!

I was also out raking up leaves to add to the garden. Lots of back and forth, but always have my loyal BB to watch over me.