Here is the basic recipe outline that 2077 got on his primitive camping trip.

You can use ANY squash…we used Acorn since it was the cheapest, being in season.

1 apple

Fat…bacon fat is what we used, but they used bear fat in camp.

Chocolate…we used dark chocolate, but use what you like


The top of the squash is cut open like a pumpkin, then all the seeds scooped out.  Chop up the apple and stuff it inside.  Then 1 heap of your fat on top.

Top that with the chocolate.

Put the ‘lid’ back on and bake.  In camp they set this in coals, but I used an oven: 350 degrees until the squash is very soft.

I cut it though the side so you can see the layers.

On the plate it’s not mixed together…that’s up to you, if you’d like to mix it or keep it kind of separate.  In camp, they used this sort of like a dessert.  With the sweetness of the apples and chocolate it tasted that way.